Hexipeptide 6




 Reformuated! New!  $40.00 Hexipeptide Serum 1 oz.

I’ve been beating myself up trying to make this super serum using everything I know about anti aging. I am using the active ingredients from A.R.C and Face lifting serum and combining Ascorbic acid. Some of you have received this in sample form and I appreciate how patient you have been with me! But now I have to list it, don’t I?

I’m going to leave the price point at 40.00 for 1 oz. but you WILL get that special thing I do to alot of my serums (double size to a 2 oz. free of charge) Sadly, this won’t last. I’m either going to have to raise the price or keep it at 1 oz. in order to make a profit. For now, however, you can buy it for $40 and get my complimentary upgrade. This will end without notice.



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